About Me

I inherited a suitcase full of genealogy research from my mom, Glenda Kay Robertson Stubler.  Her brother, Ron Robertson, and I have been following in her footsteps for almost ten years.  My research is dedicated to my mom and my grandparents, Charles Floyd and Mildred Lucille Gannan Robertson.  I'm hoping one of these days they figure out how to send me some hints from beyond the grave; until then, I plug away!

I love connecting with fellow family historians and history buffs.

My other interest is politics.   I'm Conservative, believe everyone should work for a living unless their health doesn't allow it, and that the government should keep their hands out of my pockets to pay for social welfare programs.  I occasionally Tweet about politics as @NoOceanInKansas, but try to keep politics out of this blog.

Happy hunting!

Karen Bellmer