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Amanuensis Monday - George Isaac Gibson, October 24, 2011

The main reason I began my genealogy journey was the possibility of uncovering ancestors with Revolutionary War service, leading to membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution. In spite of finding several ancestors who qualify, nine years later I have yet to file my membership packet.

My personal goal for the remainder of 2011 is to file for membership in the DAR based on my direct connection to George Isaac Gibson, a Major in the Revolutionary War. He served with George Washington at Valley Forge, and was at the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktowne, October 19, 1781 (230 years ago last week).

Major Gibson, my fifth great-grandfather, is one of my most esteemed and interesting ancestors. He married the daughter of a Revolutionary War veteran, Elizabeth Smith, and they had 11 children. Family tradition has it that one of his sons, Matthew Moss Gibson, was captured by Indians when he was a small child. He lived with the Indians until grown, when he was identified by a birthmark and ransomed by his father. He never became accustomed to living with his family, and would often be found outside the door, listening and not entering the house. He often returned to his Indian parents, staying awhile and returning to his own parents. He later moved to Missouri, where he spent the remainder of his life. (The story of Matthew Moss Gibson was taken from "Historical Sketches of Southwest Virginia," Number 4, 1968, pages 1 to 26, by Emory L. Hamilton.)

Below is the Last Will and Testament of George Isaac Gibson:

Lee County, Virginia, Will Book I
Jonesville, Lee County, Virginia
10 October 1818

In the name of God amen, I George Gibson Sr., of Lee County State of Virginia being weak in body but sound in mind and disposing memory for which I thank God and calling to mind the uncertainty of human life and being desirous to dispose of all such wordly estate that it hath pleased God to bless me with I herefore give and bequeath and dispose of the same in the following manner.

First: I desire and direct that my executor, there after appointed as soon as practical proceed to sell all my estate both real and personal at public auction except such as herein excepted and out of money arising there from all my just debts and expenses be paid, also personal expenses.

Second: I give and bequeath unto my wife Elizabeth Gibson in line of her dower in my estate to be enjoyed by her only during her natural life or widowhood my dwelling house together with the yards and all the out houses appertaining and joined heretofore with the use of the orchards contiquior and two feather beds and furniture and such other household furniture as she and my executors may conclude she stands in need of. Also 100 acres of good land to be laid out in such manner as she thinks most convenient and may direct. Also my Negro slave Cate and other slaves of whom my said wife is to have choice, out of all the slaves I might possess at my death, except Navoh who is hereafter otherwise disposed of. Also two horses, three milk cows, twelve hogs and twelve sheep of which my said wife is to have her choice at my death out of my whole stock. But in case my executors make sale of everything devised which legally followeth herewith except two 100 acres! of land which she is to hold as a dower during her natural life and enjoy the profits thereof and out of the proceeds of sale make divisions among all my children as directed by the fourth clause of this testament and at her death if one remarried then her dower land is to be sold by my executors and divide the proceeds to be made in a way above directed and in case of her death before remarrying then everything real and personal devised to her by this will is to be sold by my executors the proceeds to be divided among my children.

Third: I desire and direct that my daughter Elizabeth Gibson to have and enjoy all the privileges of my mansion house along with her mother in the same way she enjoyed them during my lifetime and so much as my said daughter has lived longer than any of my other children and tenderly waited upon me in my feebleness and age, I give and bequeath unto my said daughter, Elizabeth, my Negro slave child Novah and her increase to her and her heirs forever and above my equal division of her other estate and in case the said Negro child Navah should die before me, it is my will and direction that out of the proceeds of my other estate my executors pay unto my daughter, 100 dollars compensation in full for such loss.

Fourth: It is my will and desire that the proceeds of all my other estate whatsoever not known before specifically disposed of be equally divided after my death among my children Isabella Camp[bell, Robert, Zachariah S., Rachel Click, George, Matthew, James, William, Elizabeth, Margaret (Peggy), and John to be enjoyed by their assigns forever.

Fifth: Should my Negro slave Harriet who has brought suit maintain same, it is my desire that my son Robert from whom I purchased her shall pay no more to my estate for her loss than three hundred and thirty dollars for her loss.

Sixth: In case of my death before my son John Gibson arrives at legal age, it is my will and desire that he shall live and remain in my dwelling house during his minority under the protection and government of his mother. I do will and direct that my executor put out his dividends to my estate at interest with good security until he arrives at 21 years of age.

Seventh: As whereas my sons Matthew, George, and James have purchased certain parts of my land and taken my bonds for the title, therefore adn given me their notes for the purchase money thereof now it shall be the wish of my said three sons or either of them after death to throw the said lands in hotch potch and have them sold by m y executors for the benefit of my estate, they or either of them are at liberty to do so. Whereupon my executors are to give them or either of them up their notes now held by me for the purchase money thereof but should my sons or either of them choose to retain the land so purchased then my executors will proceed to collect and distribute the purchased money as directed with my other estate and make them or either of them, return the said land letters thereunto as required by my bonds given therefore in all sales of land made to my exectutors I do hereby to make letters therefore.

Eighth: I hereby cancel revoke and disannul all and every will and testament heretofore written or subscribed. I do hereby make ordain and declare this my last will and testament.

Ninth: Lastly, I do hereby constitute and appoint my sons Mathew Gibson and James Gibson my sole executors to this my last will and testament. I do earnestly request that they take upon themselves the execution thereof conforming themselves in all things to be true spirit and meaning thereof producing harmony and peace form all interest.

My Seal October 1st, 1818
(Signed) George Gibson

Signed sealed and acknowledged in the presence of
Josh Ewing John L Hardy
William Sayers

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