Friday, October 14, 2011

Family Heirlooms - October 14, 2011

My house is full of comforting family heirlooms: my grandpa's St. Louis Cardinals ball cap, curved glass portraits of my great grandparents, my grandmother's rocking chair and foot stool, a china cabinet full of dishes, to name a few. Even though they have very little monetary value, I love and cherish them all. When my grandmother died, I helped clean out her house, which she and my grandfather had lived in since I was a small child and I considered home. Even though I knew she was never coming back, I felt her presence in all the things she left behind.
As I research my family history, I'm drawn to the physical items of my ancestors. While I roll out cinnamon rolls with my grandmother's rolling pin, I remember all the times spent in her warm and inviting kitchen. My great grandmother's wedding portrait takes me back to the dairy farm in northern Missouri where she and my great grandfather lived. I can remember him taking the cows out to pasture early in the morning, playing in the barns with my brother, and family reunions where the men ate first while the women cooked and gossiped.
The physical reminders left by our ancestors can help trigger wonderful memories which can add warmth to a list of dates and places. Dig through the boxes in the attic and see if it stirs some memories you can pass along to the next generation.


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