Friday, December 2, 2011

Advent Calendar - Christmas Foods

Christmas food at my house falls into three categories:  1) cookies; 2) candy; or 3) other stuff that would kill you if eaten long-term.
I love to buy Christmas cookbooks and magazines with the carefully decorated cookies on the cover.  Unfortunately, never in a million years do my cookies ever turn out looking like that.  I have a wonderful sugar cookie recipe that is my go-to recipe for all occasions, especially Christmas.  I'll share it with you in my Advent Calendar Christmas Cookies post.
Candy.  Little bites of heaven.  My favorite, hands down, is my grandmother's peanut brittle.  Unfortunately,  I haven't been brave enough to try making it myself since she passed away several years ago.  My mom always made a ton of candy during the holidays:  fudge, peanut brittle, lollipop candy to name a few. She would wrap it up and take it to the neighbors, or send it to work with my dad to share with his co-workers.
Now to my favorite category:  stuff that would kill you if eaten long-term.  My dad's family is from Eastern Europe:  Croatia/Austria/Slovakia, home to many artery clogging favorites like povitica, pohance (you know them as a rosette cookie), and nadlavanje (sausage).  Because they are so time-consuming to  make, my dad and step-mom only make them once a year, for the Christmas holiday.  My brother Bob and I fight over who is going to take home the left-over nadlavange.
As my husband, son, and grandson are all picky eaters, we unfortunately don't have a traditional Christmas food that everyone loves.

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