Monday, April 2, 2012

Distractions and Procrastination

My last blog post was March 14, and it's hard to pinpoint the biggest distraction that's kept me from posting since then.  The list is long:  Pinterest, the nice weather, my grandson Jack, my television addiction, reading The Hunger Games trilogy, Twitter, reading other people's blogs, my new exercise program, etc etc.  I haven't done any of my homework for the 1940 Census release, which is probably for the best since I've read (on blogs and Twitter!) that it's running slow this morning.  I still have stacks and boxes of photographs to sort through, scan, and tag; data needs to be entered into Family Tree Maker; podcasts are piling up; and several new genealogy books are waiting for me to crack the cover.  I haven't done any real research in a couple of months.  Sad state of affairs, wouldn't you agree??!!
Perhaps today will be the day I'll skip Pinterest, Twitter, television, and other people's blogs, and get organized and make a plan to stop the distractions and procrastination.

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