Saturday, December 3, 2011

Advent Calendar - Christmas Ornaments

I suspect my Christmas tree ornament collection looks a lot like yours:  an eclectic selection of cardboard stars, Hallmark series ornaments, clothespin tin soldiers, handmade lace angels, and old glass ornaments inherited from grandparents.  I have several ornaments I purchased on family vacations, ornaments my son made when he was a child, and glass ornaments in a variety of themes, including Santa Clauses, angels, and snowmen.  While I admire what I call "designer" trees (those with a color theme and coordinating ornaments), there is  something special about pulling out the box of mis-matched ornaments each year and remembering the story associated with each one.
For the record, if forced to choose a favorite ornament, I would have to say it's my beautiful glass bluebird, although the sentimental winner is a small wreath with my son's picture in it.

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