Monday, February 6, 2012

Overwhelmed By Technology

I've become a lot more interactive with the internet these days.  I follow 800+ people on Twitter (the vast majority are fellow genealogists), and I add new blogs to my RSS feed daily (again, the majority are genealogy related).  Through these new connections, I've been introduced to webinars,  products such as the Flip Pal Scanner, podcasts, previously unknown on-line document websites, and countless new ideas for research.
Lost in all this interaction and technology seems to be my time for fundamental genealogy research.   I'm so busy tracking down the next new thing, that I haven't really pulled together my research plan for 2012 and actually utilized any of the new ideas/technology/websites I've run across while on Twitter, webinars, podcasts, and blogs.
I'd be interested to hear from my fellow family historians how they manage to balance the wonderful discoveries made through social media, with day to day genealogy research.      


  1. Hello!

    I too can get overwhelmed and this is what I do: I use Evernote as a web clipping service. I "clip" the web pages I want to look at but don't have time to do. Then I spend 30 minutes each day reviewing what I've clipped. Http:// It's free.

  2. Thanks for the tip! I started using Evernote a few months ago but never thought of using it this way. I'll have to give it a spin! Happy Monday!

  3. This sounds like me and I'm so busy looking for ideas to put on my boards that I don't have any time to actually carry out any of the ideas I have collected! And of course I do this in genealogy as well. We just have to tell ourselves that there will ALWAYS be existing projects and there will always be new projects and like geneabloggers suggested, sometimes we have to make room to look at a little bit of both each day :-) Good luck!