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Amaneunsis Monday - February 1925 DAR Magazine, Davidson County, TN Marriage Records

In a fit of cleaning out my pile of genealogy magazines, I ran across one that must have belonged to my mother.  It's the Volume 59, Number 2, February 1925, Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine.  I have no idea why my mom would have saved it; I've looked through it and don't see any connections to our family.  It did have a couple of interesting articles, along with an abstract of some marriage records of Davidson County, TN, partially included below:

Marriage Records of Davidson County, Tennessee
Continued from August, 1923, Magazine
Copied by Penelope J. Allen

Page 31
James Everett to Lettie Ridley, May 5, 1792
Richard Frenleyson to Elizabeth Black, May 18, 1793
Hi Turner to Martha Lancaster, Dec 13, 1788
Jeremiah Moore to Nancy Slaton, May 30, 1796
John L. Mishler to Mary Cassellman, May 1, 1791
John Hamilton to Sarah Lucas, Apr 10, 1794
Amos Moore to Margaret Neely, Sept 17, 1791
James McCutcheon to Elizabeth Dean, Apr 23, 1792
George McLane to Parmelia Davidson, July 20, 1789
Patrick McCutcheon to Hannah Marshall, Mar 24, 1789

Page 32
Robert White to Nancy Hays, Jan 7, 1789
William Ray to Mary Meenees, July 20, 1791
William Nash to Polly Evans, June 5, 1790
Elijah Gowers to Prudence Coon, Dec 22, 1790
David Smith to Beauty Fort, ---, 1791
Aquilla Carmack to Eunice Williams, June 15, 1791
Samuel Edmiston to Nellie Dean, March 23, 1791
Luke Anderson to Elizabeth Shaffer, Aug 1, 1794
Evan Tracy to --- Taylor, Aug 6, 1794
Henry Robertson to Margaret Bradshaw, Apr 3, 1793

The information continues on through 1802.

There is so much information on-line these days that it's easy to forget how volunteers hand transcribed old records and published them for use by other family historians.   It inspires me to take part in one of the many indexing/transcription projects that benefit all of us.

I'm sure this information must be available on-line, but if it's not and you are interested in the additional information contained in the article, please let me know.

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