Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Man's Best Friend - by Guest Blogger John

Today's post is brought to you by my brother, John.

In honor of John's post, here's a photo of my dog, Pete, who died last year, getting hugs from my grandson Jack.

Often i sit and peer into the eyes of my faithful companion Winston. He's a handsome young fellow. I managed to save him from an animal shelter up north from where I live. I often wonder as i stare at him what he sees when he stares back at me. After all, dogs have been blessed with the ability to read human emotions through our facial expressions. And we too, as humans, sometimes seem to be able to read the expressions on our companions face. We've allowed them to become part of our families. We let them live in our homes, share our food, some even share our beds at night. We keep them as pets, but they always become so much more to us. They share in our joy, comfort us in our sorrows, feel our pains of suffering, and delight in our happiness. And even though they become so much to us, we often forget to mention them in any of our writings. I wonder what my faithful friend would write about me in his daily journal. He seems to sit and study me all the time. He follows me everywhere. He's always overjoyed to see me when i come home. He's there no matter if i'm happy or sad. So i wonder what he sees when he stares back at me. No journal would be complete without mentioning his name everyday. He'd gladly share my burdens if he could. He'd give his life for mine. He's worthy of me writing his name so others can share in the joy he brings my family. So when you're writing in your journal, don't forget to include your faithful friend. I'm sure they'd write about you.

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