Saturday, January 7, 2012

Paying It Forward

Several years ago, I purchased a family history volume, "Evans Family, Originating in that part of Frederick County, Virginia, which is now in Berkely County, West Virginia, 1700-1983," by Marjorie Stewart Tucker, hopeful that it would contain some mention of my own Evans line.   Ms. Tucker's family originated with two brothers, Isaac and John Evans, who were first mentioned in Virginia Land Grants in 1751.
Unfortunately, my Evans line from northern Missouri did not intersect with the Evans brothers, so the book has proven to be of no value to me.  Even so, I decided to make the volume available to others for research purposes, and have received several requests resulting from posts I made on the internet.
I know everyone is busy with their own research, but isn't it great when you find that one person who has a key piece of information and is willing to share it with you?  I'm a big fan of "paying it forward," so if you have something to share with other researchers, I hope you will take the opportunity to do so!!

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  1. You are so right on this! A few too many times I have tracked down someone who has the information I have been tirelessly looking for and find that they are guarding it with everything they can! "Paying It Forward" is a great mantra for research and life in general. Thanks for the reminder!